The Benefits Of Mineral Sunscreens

There are two primary types of sunscreen on the market. Chemical sunscreens contain an ingredient that is absorbed into the skin and neutralizes any UV rays that penetrate your skin. Mineral sunscreens, on the other hand, contain minerals that sit on the surface of your skin and basically reflect the UV rays. Chemical sunscreens do have their place, and some people prefer them because they leave less residue on your skin. However, mineral sunscreens have some distinct benefits that should not be overlooked.

They reduce exposure to potentially harsh chemicals.

Some people are concerned about the chemicals used in chemical sunscreens. While they do seem to be safe in the short term, some are concerned that long-term exposure to them could have some harmful effects. Use mineral sunscreen instead, and you won't have to worry about this. There are only two active ingredients that can be used in mineral sunscreens: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both of these compounds are well known to be safe, and they also just sit on the surface of your skin, which makes them a safe option.

They don't heat up.

The chemicals in chemical sunscreens work, in part, by converting UV rays to heat. This protects you from the harm of UV rays, but it can make your skin feel warmer. If you live in a hot environment or are someone who is really sensitive to heat, then you may not want this extra warmth. A mineral sunscreen does not make you hotter. In fact, since the minerals reflect the light away from your skin, wearing mineral sunscreen might actually make you feel cooler.

They start working immediately.

If you use a chemical sunscreen, you have to wait for it to be absorbed into your skin and start working. If you go outside before this has happened, you'll be exposed to UV radiation. On the other hand, mineral sunscreens start working as soon as they're applied. If you have busy mornings and want to be able to head right out the door after applying your sunscreen, then a mineral-based formula is likely your best option.

Consider the benefits above, and stick with a mineral sunscreen for your sun protection needs. These sunscreens come in powerful formulas offering SPF 50+, so you can get all the protection you need in one bottle. Explore a few different brands and formulas, and settle on one that's right for you. 

Contact a local skin care service to learn more about different types of mineral sunscreen, including mineral antioxidant sunscreen SPF 50+.

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