Lifestyle Changes And Habits To Prevent Hair Loss

Sometimes people assume that hair loss is inevitable as they age. It is true that some people are more likely than others to lose their hair as they grow older. But this doesn't mean you have zero control over the situation. There are some lifestyle changes you can make and habits you can adopt to help prevent and reduce hair loss, even as you grow older.

Use a Gentle Shampoo

You may occasionally want to use a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup. But on a regular basis, it is important to make sure the shampoo you're using is gentle and mild. Stay away from heavily scented shampoos and those that strip too much moisture and oil. They may dry out your scalp, making hair loss more of a concern.

Comb Your Hair When Wet

If you put a brush through your hair when it is wet, you will probably pull out and damage more hairs. When working with wet hair, use a comb; you'll pull less hair out. Save the brushing for when your hair is dry, and then still, be gentle when you use it. Never rip a brush through tangled hair.

Take a Multivitamin

Not all cases of hair loss are caused by vitamin deficiencies. However, deficiencies do cause some hair loss, and they may make hair loss worse in patients who are prone to it for other reasons. Taking a multivitamin is a simple way to prevent deficiencies, and it has benefits far beyond preventing hair loss.

Get Deep Moisturizing Treatments

Whether you have moisturizing treatments done at the salon or use a deep conditioner at home, this step helps keep your hair moist so it doesn't tangle, which helps reduce hair loss. Deep conditioners can also keep your scalp moist and supple, which helps minimize hair loss.

Wash with Warm or Cool Water

Washing your hair and head with hot water may feel good, but it can perpetuate hair loss because it dries out your scalp and hair. Try to avoid hot water, and use warm or cool water instead. If you want to shower in hot water, try washing your hair in cooler water first, and then turn the shower temperature up to wash the rest of your body.

While these habits may not completely prevent hair loss, they should reduce the amount of hair loss that you experience. Talk to a doctor to learn more about hair loss prevention

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