Benefits Of A Non-Surgical Face Lift

As you age, your skin may sag or develop wrinkles. These aging signs can make you self-conscious and reduce the youthfulness of your skin. Therefore, you might seek cosmetic facial treatments such as facelifts to eliminate wrinkles and look more youthful. You may choose to undergo a surgical facelift that yields excellent results. However, consider a non-surgical facelift instead. Here are the pros of getting a minimally invasive facelift.

No Post-Surgery Pain

When you undergo a surgical facelift, you may experience severe pain in your face. While you may be given pain management medication, the pain may not subside until after a few days. In contrast, you don't have to fear suffering from severe pain after a minimally invasive facelift. The process entails identifying the target treatment areas and injecting filler material. The filler reverses the aging effects by firming and lifting the skin around these areas. Therefore, you may only feel short-lived discomfort after the procedure that wears down after a short time.

Fewer Risks

Surgical facelifts come with numerous risks, and your doctor has to perform a medical test to determine if you're fit for the surgery. Some risks include complications such as excessive bleeding. Also, surgeons have to make incisions in your skin that may cause scarring. A non-surgical facelift is less risky as treatment providers don't make incisions on the skin. Also, you get to avoid medical complications that may be life-threatening.


Invasive facelifts are usually costly due to the high hospital expenses. For instance, facelift surgery takes time, and several medics may be involved. Note that the hospital needs to pay the medics and the medical supplies used during your surgery. Moreover, you may be in the hospital for a few days post-surgery as the doctors observe your body response. These factors usually lead to high medical bills, which your insurer may not cover fully. Fortunately, a non-invasive facelift is affordable as the surgery is an outpatient service.

Short Treatment and Recovery Time

Professionals can perform a non-surgical facelift quickly since they need not undertake lengthy preparation of surgical equipment or medication. Therefore, you can get the treatment within a few minutes or hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Also, the recovery time is short. Your doctor may observe your skin and body reaction for a few minutes and release you shortly after to carry on with your day's errands.

Non-surgical facelifts are affordable, less risky, and require a short treatment and recovery time. Also, the treatment prevents you from post-surgery pain. Consider getting a non-invasive facelift to enjoy these benefits.

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