Pros And Cons Of Synthetic And Human Hair To Bear In Mind When Shopping At A Wig Shop

Over the years, the wig industry has blown up and this has resulted in a vast selection of options available. From full lace wigs to capless, your options are endless. But before you choose the right fit when you walk into a wig shop, you must select the best hair for your needs. When looking through the hair options available, you will come across terms such as polyester, acrylic, virgin, and so on.

At the outset this may seem to complicate your decision even further, you should know that all these hair options fall under two main categories, - synthetic and human hair. So which option would be best for you? Here are a few pros and cons of synthetic and human hair to bear in mind when shopping at a wig store.

Synthetic hair wigs

Comprising of plastic-based materials, synthetic hair wigs are the most affordable solutions in the market. The second advantage of synthetic hair wigs is they do not require much upkeep. Keeping in mind that plastic is a durable material, its by-products that are used for the manufacture of synthetic hair wigs will be long-lasting without the need for constant grooming. Lastly, synthetic hair wigs are better at retaining dyes and luster, as the fibers are not porous. Thus, if you want to change your look by having a bright hair color, a synthetic wig could be right up your alley.

Nonetheless, you should know there are several drawbacks to synthetic hair wigs. For starters, you should never heat style this hair, as the synthetic fibers will burn. Thus, you must select a style that suits you right from the start because changing it will not be a viable option. It is also worth noting that the artificial nature of these wigs means they contain multiple chemicals and other toxic substances, which may not be a good choice for people looking to live a green lifestyle.

Human hair wigs

If you walk into a wig store with the intent of buying a wig that will effortlessly complement your natural appearance, a human hair wig would be an ideal investment. As suggested by the name, these wigs are made up of natural hair, so they look and feel like one's own tresses. Additionally, the natural element of these wigs means they can be customized into a wide range of hairstyles. Whether you want to change the texture, color, or curl pattern of the natural hair wigs, you have complete creative control.

Take note, though, if you choose to dye the natural hair wig, you will have to use color retention hair products, as you would on your hair. The main drawbacks to be wary of are the premium price of these human hair wigs and the upkeep they require. To keep your human hair wig soft and lustrous, you will need to take it in for occasional hair treatments.

To more completely understand all your wig options, visit a wig shop near you. 

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