3 Reasons To Try Balayage Hair Extensions

Contrary to the uber-strict, polished ideals fantasized in sci-fi movies made many years ago, today's world is all about fusing free-flowing, organic looks into our daily lives. Balayage is a great example of a more natural hair color trend since this gradient-based hair coloring method mimics the look of hair that has simply grown out months after coloring. Here are three reasons you should try balayage hair extensions. 

1. Blend Your Hair Color and Cut Seamlessly

When it comes to making your hair more beautiful, it can be tricky to balance both letting your hair grow out and managing those pesky roots. One of the best things about balayage hair extensions is the fact that they are designed to blend into your existing look seamlessly. 

Unlike standard hair extensions, which need to match your hair perfectly or they may look out of place, balayage hair extensions may be multi-faceted and designed to mesh with the lowlights of your hair, creating a seamless look. 

2. Simplify Your Daily Hairstyling Routine

If you want to create that perfect bohemian, low-key look, you'll need a hairstyle that doesn't look like you spent hours and hours at the salon, even if you did. Bayalage hair extensions make it easy to give yourself that low-key, long-hair look, without a lot of hassle. 

One of the best things about long hairstyles is the amount of versatility they offer. If you have a lot of free time one day, you can curl your hair and add lots of braids. On the other hand, if you would like something a little more laid back, you can throw your hair into a loose ponytail and enjoy a more relaxed look. Since hair extensions are pre-treated and styled, you can save tons of time creating the perfect look every day. 

3. Mix Up Your Hair 

Since hair extensions can be added, removed, or cut, they make it easy to completely change your hair. You can add more extensions to enjoy tresses that look fuller and thicker, cut them to give your hair layered dimension, or take them out if you are ready to go back to your natural look. Whatever you are in the mood for, hair extensions make it easy to make your dreams a reality. 

When you are ready to try balayage hair extensions, make sure you work with someone who has experience not only applying extensions but applying hair color as well. That way, they can blend your entire style together. 

Contact a local hair salon to learn more about balayage and hair extensions.

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