Using Vitamins For Hair Loss Properly

If you've been noticing thinning hair or hair that's more fragile, you're not alone. Many women have thinning hair for many different reasons. Sometimes these reasons are related to nutrition, and taking a hair loss vitamin supplement can help. Knowing about how the vitamins interact with each other and with your body is essential, as is tackling the real cause of your hair loss.

Do Investigate Other Causes

While shoring up your hair's health with vitamins and good nutrition is helpful, you have to be sure you're addressing the true cause. If you have scalp disorders, for example, such as some forms of dandruff that can lead to hair loss, you need to address those. Otherwise, your hair loss won't get that much better no matter how good your nutrition is. If you've been experiencing stress-related hair loss due to the pandemic and lockdowns, for example, nutrition might not be your top issue when it comes to your hair. With this loss, you may just have to wait patiently for your hair to start its next growth cycle.

Biotin and Thyroid Tests

Vitamins for hair loss and hair health often contain megadoses of biotin, also called vitamin B7. Biotin is a critical part of a healthy nutritional profile, but the vitamin has a side effect that you need to be aware of: It can mess with thyroid assays. Not the thyroid itself, but the test assays used to determine if certain hormones are too high or low. You can end up with false positives and inconsistent results that make it difficult to figure out what's really going on.

This issue is still not completely widely known, but among the endocrinology and thyroid community, it is gaining visibility. If you take more than the recommended daily amount of biotin, such as the huge doses in hair vitamin supplements, let your doctor know before scheduling any thyroid-related tests, including those used to diagnose thyroid cancer. You will likely have to stop taking the vitamins shortly before the test; one recommendation is to stop two days before, but your doctor might want you to stop earlier. You can start again once the test is over.

If you currently have known thyroid issues, talk to your doctor before starting mega biotin supplements.

Ensure Supporting Vitamins Are at Adequate Intake Levels, Too

Vitamins and minerals do not work in isolation; they rely on each other for optimal function. Such is the case with vitamin D, another hair-healthy supplement, and magnesium. If you increase your intake of vitamin D, ensure that your magnesium levels are good, too. Magnesium helps your body use vitamin D, and if you have a magnesium deficiency, you might not be able to use all that vitamin D that you're feeding your body. Stick with daily recommended amounts of magnesium unless your doctor has told you to take more. You should be able to get a healthy level of magnesium from your diet if you follow a well-balanced plan.

Hair loss vitamins can be very helpful, but you have to understand what can affect your hair and how the vitamins can affect you to get the best results. Learn more about womens hair loss vitamins today. 

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