How To Create A Beautiful Wig With Virgin Indian Hair Bundles

Wearing a wig is the perfect way to switch up your appearance without doing something drastic to your natural hair. If you would like to give your natural hair a break while trying a different style, you can make a wig with virgin Indian hair bundles. Making a wig might sound complicated, but it does not take long. The best part about making the wig yourself is that you can customize it to look a certain way.

Choose Your Hair Bundles

When making a wig, you need to have several hair bundles. You will end up sewing those bundles to a wig cap. While you can find synthetic and real hair bundles, it is far better to go with the authentic virgin hair options. The virgin Indian hair is a highly coveted option because it is unprocessed, thick, healthy, and naturally beautiful. You can create a full wig in a length of your choice when you use these bundles. On average, it will take about three bundles of the Indian virgin hair to create a wig, but you can always purchase a few extra bundles just in case.

Start Sewing Your Bundles to Your Cap

After you buy your hair bundles and you have your wig cap available, it is time to start making the wig. It helps if you first placed a wig cap on top of a mannequin head and then place the bundles on top to plan out where you will put them. You can add extra hair for a fuller, thicker look. After figuring out the placement of your bundles, you can begin sewing each section to the cap. Take your time to make sure you are sewing the hair tightly to the cap to get it to stay put. You must continue sewing the tracks to the cap from the top to the bottom until the cap is no longer visible. If you prefer to see how other people are sewing their virgin Indian hair to wig caps, you can watch tutorial videos that will help you get started with creating the perfect wig.

Creating a wig is not too hard. You will need a cap and some hair bundles, such as virgin Indian hair. After you get through the most time-consuming part of sewing the hair to the wig cap, you can then process your new wig to change the color of the hair, cut the hair to your liking, and style it before you end up wearing it.

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