How To Get Rid Of The Hair Across Your Bikini Line

Bikini season is all about looking and feeling your best. While you may have been working out for the past several months and eating right, there's one other thing you don't want to forget about: your bikini line. To get rid of all of that unwanted hair, there are a few several things that you can do. 


Shaving is the most basic way that you can get rid of unwanted hair across your bikini line. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, shaving may or may not give you the best results. For many women, it gives them razor bumps that are both red, inflamed, and itchy (nothing that you want). To help prevent razor bumps, try using thick shaving cream, warm water, and a clean razor every time you shave. 


Waxing is the next best solution to help you get rid of unwanted bikini hair. The great thing about waxing is that it can typically help patients get rid of razor bumps and skin irritation. One of the things to consider when getting a wax is that you have to have it grown out about 1/4-1/2 an inch before you have it waxed. Why? Because the wax and wax strip both have to adhere to the hair in order to pull it loose. If there isn't enough hair for it to hold onto then it won't give you the clean wax that you want. 


If you have it in your budget, laser hair removal tends to be the most effective way that you can get rid of unwanted hair. During laser hair removal, your esthetician will target each and every individual hair follicle by heating it up so that the growth cycle is essentially dormant. After several cycles of laser hair removal, you should see almost hair-free skin that doesn't require much upkeep. Although you may have to pluck the occasional hair to get everything clean, it will be nothing compared to the work you've had to do with waxing or shaving. 

Don't be that girl who shows up to the pool looking like a million bucks, but that's too embarrassed to take off your cover-up because of an unshaven bikini line. Depending on the results you want and the budget that you have, one of these hair removal options may be more suitable than another. Are you interested in learning some more? Reach out to an esthetician near you.

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