Wigs Myths That Can Mislead You About This Hair Replacement Option

For individuals that have suffered substantial amounts of hair loss, the use of a wig can be an effective way of masking this embarrassing problem. In particular, individuals that are shopping for a new wig should learn more about the option of investing in a wig that is made of natural human hair.

Myth: A Wig Will Always Be Easily Removed From The Head

One of the most misleading notions about wigs is that it will be impossible for them to be securely attached to your head. This can lead to concerns about the wig accidentally falling off while you are in a public place. However, there are a couple of options for securely attaching a wig. For example, those that still have some hair may find that the wig can be secured to some of the natural hair so that it will comfortably stay in place. Those that have lost all of their hair may use a special adhesive that can be applied to the skin on the head, and it will be able to hold the wig in place for several weeks before needing to be reapplied.

Myth: You Can Use Normal Shampoo On Your Human Hair Wig

Washing your wig is an important step for keeping it in good condition. However, individuals can inadvertently cause major damage to their wig if they fail to appreciate the hazards of using normal shampoo and other hair care products on it. These substances can leave residues behind that may negatively impact the wig. In extreme cases, these substances can even be harsh enough to degrade the base of the wig, which could cause many of the individual hairs to come loose. Limiting yourself to hair care products designed for wigs can allow you to easily keep the wig clean without the risk of damaging it.

Myth: There Are No Benefits To Storing The Wig On A Mannequin Head

How you store the wig is another important factor that can greatly impact the condition of the wig. When individuals are not actively wearing the wig, they should keep it on a mannequin head. Failing to follow this step can cause considerable damage to the wig as it can lead to the wig warping or otherwise deforming. Sadly, once this damage occurs to the wig, it can be impossible to repair. By keeping the wig on a mannequin head whenever you are not wearing it, you can ensure that it will properly fit your head whenever you are needing to wear it.

For more information about 100% human hair full wigs, contact a wig supplier.

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