3 Fundamental Tips For Those Tanning For The First Time

Tanning is a popular hobby to get into as it can help you feel more confident about your appearance. If you've never done this before, there are certain precautions you want to take. These — in particular — will help you get the most out of each tanning session. 

Take a Skin Type Survey

How much tanning is optimal depends a lot on a person's skin type. If you're not sure what this is, don't worry. There are plenty of online surveys you can take that can help pinpoint your exact type of skin.

What you'll need to do is access an online skin type survey and answer its questions. Typically, these surveys will be free. Make sure you answer them as accurately as you can. Then, when the survey is over, you should get your results. You can then show them to the tanning facility you're going to, and they'll recommend a particular time slot that would work best. 

Find a Reputable Tanning Salon

The quality of your tan depends a lot on the salon you go to. There are probably several options in your area, which means you'll need to conduct some research to find the right fit.

Start by checking out customer testimonials. You can learn from people's previous experiences with various tanning salons. Also, you want to ensure the tanning salon has the right credentials to be providing these types of services. If they are and have a lot of positive reviews, you'll feel more confident going into your first tanning session.

Decide Between Tanning Bed and Spray Tan

As far as tanning methods, there are predominantly two options. These include tanning bed and spray tanning. Both are advantageous in their own unique ways. If you're looking for something that's more permanent, you can't go wrong with a tanning bed. It will take longer to get tan, but the results will last.

However, if you need to be tan pretty quick, spray tanning is your best option. The results are immediate. Just keep in mind that these tanning results won't last long-term. You'll have to go in for several sessions if you want to stay tan throughout the month.

Tanning is such a popular thing to do for people that want to feel confident about their skin color. As long as you research the available salons in your area and know what type and quantity of tanning works best for you, the results will be optimal. 

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