Going Short? Follow These Haircut Tips

Are you tired of always having locks of hair in your face and around your neck? It might be time to cut it off—or at least have your hair stylist cut it off for you. Short hair can be beautiful and convenient, but you will want to follow a few tips to make sure you get a cut that's flattering and that you can work with.

1. Avoid extremes.

If your hair is currently down to your rear end, cutting it off above your ears is a bit too dramatic, in most cases. Even if the style is generally nice, it can be tough to get used to, and people's reactions will also be dramatic. Try to instead shorten your really long hair in stages. Get it cut to your collar bone this time, and then if you want to go shorter next time, go for that bob.

2. Ask your stylist to recommend a style suited to your hair type.

It's easy to get busy browsing pictures of hairstyles and to fall in love with a style that looks great on a model, but is totally non-feasible for you. Some styles really only work with thin hair. Others only work with thick hair. Show the stylist pictures you like so that they get an idea of the styles you're attracted to, but ultimately, let them recommend the exact style that is right for your hair type. You'll spend a lot less time trying to style it, and it will look better.

3. Get the right products.

After your stylist cuts and styles your hair, ask what products they recommend to help you achieve the same style. Products are really important when you have short hair; without them, most hair will lie too flat. You'll have an easier time replicating the stylist's styling job if you have the right products.

4. Consider your face shape.

This is another thing your stylist can help you with. Make sure the cut, and the way you style it, are suited to your face shape. Generally, the longer your face, the more volume you want your cut to have. If you have a really square or round face, a sleeker style with less body is ideal.

With the tips above, you can get a short haircut you really enjoy. Talk to your stylist for more tips and advice; they have seen others "go short" and can tell you what has and has not worked for them. 

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