3 Reasons To Book A Shave With A Straight Razor

If you've never had a shave with a straight razor, your face doesn't know what it's missing. Though it's possible to shave your own face with a straight razor, you may be more comfortable having the shave done in a barber shop -- or, maybe you want to make sure that a straight shave is right for you. Here are a few reasons you should add a shave with a straight razor to your personal care routine:

1. A Single, Sharp Blade is Better for Your Skin

The razor industry has led many shavers to believe that more blades are better when it comes to shaving. However, passing multiple blades over your skin numerous times can cause skin irritation. If you're prone to razor burn or dry skin, a straight razor is a better match for your skin.

Since the straight razor only has a single sharp blade, it won't pass over your skin as much. Straight razor blades also tend to be sharper, further decreasing the likelihood for potential irritation and razor burn.

2. Your Shave Will be Closer with a Straight Razor Shave

The straight razor will also provide you with a closer shave than its disposable or electric counterparts. The sharp blade comes into full contact with your skin, removing your facial stubble as close as possible to the skin line. You'll be able to go longer between shaves, making it easier for you to get to the barber shop for subsequent shaves. 

3. Straight Razors are Better for the Environment

You may be looking to make lifestyle changes that benefit the environment. A straight razor shave is more environmentally friendly than shaves with other types of razors. When you use a disposable razor or even a razor with a disposable head, every time your blade gets dull you have to throw something away, adding more plastic to the landfills.

The actual straight razor can last for years if it is cared for properly. High-end razors even have blades that will also last for years, though razors that require more frequent replacements are also common.

When your barber does need to change the blade on the straight razor, it won't linger in the landfills thanks to the lack of plastic. The blade consists of steel, and steel is biodegradable.

Some individuals forgo straight razor shaving because of the initial cost of the razor; by booking your shaves at a barber shop, you won't have to commit to this cost. Just pay for your shaves as you need them. 

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