Schedule A Barbershop Visit At The Start Of Your Bachelor Party

When it comes to planning your upcoming bachelor party for you and some close friends, there are many places that you might wish to visit. One location that you probably haven't considered but that you definitely should is your local barbershop. You don't want to head to a standard chain shop, though. Instead, you'll want to find a classic men's barbershop that offers a high-end experience in stylish surroundings. Whether you start your day with a group visit to the shop or it's one of many stops in your busy schedule, here are some elements that this visit can include.

Personal Services

You want to look your best on your bachelor party day, and there's better place to accomplish this goal than a high-end barbershop. Anyone in your group who wishes to get a haircut can do so, and because you can reserve multiple barbers at the same time, many people can get trimmed up concurrently. Hot shaves can also be a nice way to pamper yourself, and given that there's probably a bearded member or two of your group, those with beards may opt for a professional beard trim. Additional personal services such as hair washing and scalp massages can further add to the enjoyment of the visit.


Some high-end barbershops are licensed to sell alcohol, which means that if you and your friends want to enjoy a couple of beers, or perhaps something a little harder, you may be able to do so. Not every shop offers this capability, so you may need to call around a bit before you pick the barbershop that you'll visit. However, given that having a few drinks of often part of a bachelor party, this amenity can be highly favorable. Barbershops don't usually serve food, but you may be able to get food delivered to the shop to enjoy with your drinks.


When you plan to visit a barbershop during your bachelor party, it doesn't have to solely be for haircuts, grooming services, and refreshments. If the facilities exist, you might decide to hang out for a while. You'll find all sorts of amenities available to customers at higher-end shops. For example, some barbershops have private rooms that you can rent, and there may not only be a large TV in such a room, but also a pool table, some dart boards, or other game opportunities for you to enjoy with your group.

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