A Few Kitchen Items That Will Save Your Hair

You want to take the best care of you hair that you possibly can, but you may have noticed that a lot of the different products that you are buying are not doing the job. Or you may find that those products are very expensive. You may be interested to know that many of the products that you have in your kitchen are going to do a great job in helping your hair stay healthy. Rather than spend a lot of money on hair products, you should save that money and focus on keeping your hair healthy in the most natural way possible. Here are just a few products that you have in your kitchen that are going to strengthen your hair.

Olive Oil

This wonderful oil is one of nature's most versatile oils. You can reap the benefits of this amazing oil in two different ways. First you should incorporate the oil into your diet. You should try to consume about a tablespoon each day. The healthy fats that this provides nutrients to your hair, but also to your skin. Second, you should directly apply the olive oil to your hair. Massage the oil into your hair and scalp, and allow the oil to soak for about an hour. After the oil has soaked into your hair, you can shampoo as usual. This is going to give your hair strength and volume. 


This little yellow fruit is delicious and when it comes to nutrients, it is a juggernaut. Vitamin C has been shown to boost the production of skin and hair proteins. Incorporate lemons into you diet to significantly increase the amount of vitamin C intake, but do not neglect to use this fruit in a home remedy. You can squeeze the lemon juice of a lemon and add approximately a half cup of water. Wash your hair with the solution of lemon and water. After three to five minutes, rinse your hair with water.


The gift that bees bestow on the human race is fantastic. Honey is delicious and provides many nutrients that the body and specifically your hair will appreciate. A honey conditioner that you should use once to twice a week should include 1–3 tablespoons of honey and a small amount of onion juice. Add enough water to massage this mixture into your hair. once the conditioner has been soaking for about twenty five minutes, shampoo as normal. 

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