Tired of Having Short, Brittle Fingernails? A Few Ways to Resolve the Problem

Long, healthy, good-looking fingernails take a lot of work, especially if you currently have short, brittle, flimsy nails. However, with proper care and attention you can have nice nails—you just must give your nails time to heal and grow. Here are a few tips to help you get the nails you have always wanted but haven't been able to achieve.


One reason for brittle nails is the lack of moisture. You should be applying a good hand lotion three or four times a day. Pay attention to the nails and the skin around them. Not only will this help the nails, but it will also stop those sore, dry areas in the skin around them. Be sure to apply a nail moisturizer onto the nails every night before going to bed.

Lose the False Nails

While you are waiting for your own nails to grow, avoid wearing false nails. The chemicals in the glue can damage your own nail. In addition, any time the nails are ripped off, either by accident or by you, you are tearing at the top layer of your nail, making it weaker. Finally, these nails make it impossible to get any moisturizer or other treatment onto your natural nails.

Use a Base Coat

You should always have a nourishing base coat on your nails, even if you are giving them a break from polish—which you should do periodically. Look for a product labeled as a strengthening base coat. Avoid using a product labeled as both a base and top coat, as these products are used for different reasons and should have different ingredients.

Keep Up with Filing

Once your nails have grown to the length you want, you can shape them as you like. However, while the nails are still growing, it is best to have them rounded off. This will prevent them from catching on things and tearing them. It will also make them look longer than they are.

Wear Gloves

Any time you will be doing chores that may break your nails or make them weaker, be sure to wear gloves. This can include doing dishes, gardening, or working on the car. Wear gloves as thick as possible that will allow you to still do the chore. Before putting the gloves on on, be sure to moisturize so the material of the gloves do not dry out your hands and nails.

Taking care of your nails will have them growing and looking great. Do not get discouraged; they may need to heal and strengthen before they can start to grow. Once you have your nails at the length you want, continue with the good care, and you should not have brittle, weak nails again. 

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