3 Mistakes To Avoid While Treating Lice

Lice can cause more than just an itchy scalp. If your child has lice, the school might prevent him or her from attending until the lice is treated. Although there are many lice treatment kits available in stores, some parents choose to use other remedies to take care of the lice. Unfortunately, those measures are not always effective and some of them can be unsafe for the child. If your child has lice, here are some mistakes to avoid in treatment.

Confusing Lice and Dandruff

Even though you might believe your child has lice, it is important to be completely sure of your child's condition before starting treatment. Lice and dandruff are sometimes confused with each other because they share some symptoms. For instance, an itchy scalp can be a sign of both conditions.  

Although lice and dandruff share some symptoms, there are some differences that can help you ensure that your child truly has lice. For instance, nit eggs that are stuck to the shafts of your child's hair and any sign of white movement along the scalp are two of the most noticeable signs of lice. If your child only has an itchy scalp and white specks on his or her scalp, it is possible that he or she only has dandruff. 

Failing to Treat the Entire Household

When just your child has lice, it might seem logical to only treat him or her. However, lice can easily spread throughout the home and infect others without you realizing it. For instance, if your child has shared a pillow with a sibling, the lice can spread to the uninfected child.  

To avoid a situation in which everyone in the home is infected, treat everyone at once. Treating everyone helps to prevent the lice from spreading and can possibly ward off a problem before it develops further.  

Forgoing the Instructions

If your child has had lice in the past, you could be tempted to just apply the treatment without reading the instructions. What you might not realize is that the instructions can sometimes change. Manufacturers routinely make changes to the formulas used to improve upon it. If you fail to follow the instructions, your child might not get the relief promised.  

For instance, if the instructions require you to leave on the treatment shampoo for a longer time than required in the past, your child might not receive the full benefit of the shampoo. As a result, you could be forced to reapply the treatment in the near future. 

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