Tattoo Cover Up Products Vs. Traditional Make-Up: Why?

Gone are the days when tattoos were for leather-clad bikers or the cool counterculture community. One out of five people surveyed in a Fox News poll had at least one tattoo. Even though the mainstream popularity of body art is on the rise, tattoos aren't always appropriate or acceptable in every situation. That said, lasering off your ink isn't an option of a temporary fix is what you need. Tattoo cover up products offer a non-permanent solution. Why go with a tattoo-specific cover up instead of a cosmetic one or foundation-type of make-up product?

The Real-Skin Look

Make-up often looks like – well, make-up. Covering up your body art while at work or for a special events shouldn't mean that you have a cakey or fake look. Tattoo cover up products provide a more realistic, clear, appearance.

Covering More Than Just Your Face

Regular make-up is formulated for the skin on your face. Chances are that your tattoo is somewhere else on your body. A specialized tattoo cover up product made for your skin will make it easier to cover tattoos on your legs, arms, back or neck.

A Breathable Option

Heavy matte cosmetics just won't do. An advantage of choosing tattoo cover up products is the ability to completely cover your ink, without feeling like you have a layer of gunk all over you.

It's Easy to Use

Unlike the facial cosmetics that you find in the department or drug stores (which may sink into your skin, brush off or need reapplication right away), cover-ups for tattoos are made to stay. Even though they certainly won't stick around as long as your permanent ink, they are longer-lasting. This allows you to apply once, and then forget about what you're wearing over your body art.

You want to eliminate shine. Covering up your tattoo isn't the only perk of these products. You want a clear finish, but still need to reduce the shine on your skin. A tattoo cover up can do just that. It matches the natural sheen of your skin, moving more towards a matte look.

Whether you're headed to a job interview, work in a conservative office or have a special event (such as your wedding), you may need to hide your body art. You don't want a permanent fix and there's no reasonable clothing situation that will keep everything well-hidden. Tattoo cover up products offer a simple solution that goes beyond make-up for your face! Contact a business, such as Tattoo Cover Up Skin, for more information. 

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