Tips For Greening Your Beauty Routine

An eco-friendly beauty routine isn't just beneficial to the environment, it can also help you have healthy skin and hair. The following tips can help you move toward a zero-waste and environmentally sound beauty practice.

Tip #1: Go refillable

Refillable shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion containers cut down on plastic waste. Many premier spa and salon products are available from beauty supply stores in bulk. You simply bring your own container and fill them up on site. If this isn't an option, you may be able to find your favorite spa products in bulk online. You can then dispense them into smaller containers for daily use. The bulk containers still result in some garbage, but it is less than that produced by many smaller containers. You get bonus points if the containers are made of recyclable plastics! Talk to a professional, like Intelligent Skin Sense, for more information about spa products. 

Tip #2: Skip the shampoo

The no-poo method is touted by many since it doesn't strip your hair of natural oils. Instead of using shampoo, hair is washed with baking soda and then rinsed with apple cider vinegar. If this method doesn't seem right for your hair, you have other options. Shampoo bars resemble soap bars, but they are formulated specifically for hair. You can even get luxurious specialty bars made specifically for certain hair conditions, such as color-treated hair or fine hair. These bars are typically wrapped in paper, which can be recycled or composted.

Tip #3: Switch everything to bars

Bars aren't just great for shampoo, there are also conditioning and lotion bars available in a range of varieties for every hair and skin type imaginable. Bar soap is another good option for cleansing both your body and hands. You can find specialty bars for the face if you have problem skin, such as oily or dry skin conditions. Soap bars are often much more luxurious than body wash, too. This is because you have options that include top quality ingredients, such as real goat's milk or soothing herbs like lavender.

Tip #4: Green your shaving routine

Straight razors aren't just for the guys, they also work well for girls' legs and armpits. Use a safety razor that allows you to insert straight blades. These blades last a long time if you dry them after every use, so you don't have to keep buying lots of packs of disposable razors. Instead of shaving foam in disposable canisters, use a high-foaming shave soap and a shaving brush. You simply whip the soap to a high foam in a mug, and then brush it onto your legs before shaving. Using your lotion bar afterward will result in silky smooth skin.

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