Take A Holistic Approach To Fighting Stretch Marks

There are numerous articles on how to use stretch mark cream to prevent stretch marks during or after pregnancy. But can a stretch mark cream do all the work to reduce scarring from when your skin stretches? The answer is "No." You need to make sure you address all aspects of your body to help reduce the stretch marks, in addition to using a stretch mark cream.

Helping Your Body to Fight Stretch Marks Naturally

Your body naturally wants to heal itself. This natural healing ability is what causes scarring, since the body is repairing what has been stressed, stretched, or broken. So, what are some ways that you can help your body to minimize scarring due to injury or stretching?

  • Proper Nutrition: your body can't heal itself properly if you are not eating a healthy diet. If your stretch marks are due to pregnancy, it is doubly important to eat healthy! Make sure to eat enough protein, as protein is one of the key components to help skin to heal.
  • Hydration: your skin needs to be elastic through hydration. If you are dehydrated, then your skin can become dry and cracked and also lead to a lowered ability for it to repair itself.
  • Support in areas where stretching is occurring or likely to occur: skin can stretch significantly if it is bearing too much weight. If you are pregnant and starting to feel pulling and stretching in your abdomen, make sure to wear clothes that provide additional support to areas that feel stretched.
  • Limited sunlight exposure: minimize exposure to direct sunlight on areas where stretch marks are starting to form or might form. Sunlight can damage skin and make it harder to heal.
  • Massage: working the skin through massage stimulates the formation of collagen, which is essential to the body's natural ability to repair damaged skin.

Supplementing Your Body's Ability to Address Stretch Marks

You don't have to rely upon your body alone to address stretch marks. Using a stretch mark cream in addition to naturally supplementing your body's ability to heal is a good way to take a holistic approach to reducing stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams can help the body to fight scarring and provide much needed moisture and elasticity to areas already affected or likely to be affected by stretch marks. Make sure the stretch mark cream includes vitamin A, E, and silicone as active ingredients. Also, the cream should contain emollients and hydrating components.

The act of massaging in the stretch mark cream both helps in the absorption of the cream and in stimulating the formation of collagen fibers for natural healing. Many creams should be applied twice daily to be most effective.

Talk with your doctor or go to websites of stretch mark cream suppliers for more information.

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