Albinism And Teeth Whitening: Debunking The Dental Myths Around This Disorder

Albinism affects the hair, skin and eyes of a small number of people. Even the most extreme cases of albinism only affect certain areas of the body, none of which are the teeth. If you have albinism, or know someone who does, and you, he or she want teeth whitening completed, relax. The teeth whitening process will not endanger your health as a person with albinism. In fact, here are some other dental myths surrounding albinism and oral procedures debunked.

Your Teeth Are Already White Due to Albinism

No, your teeth are as white or yellowed as the next person's, regardless of your albinism. The difference here is, a person with albinism who has yellowed teeth may look a little more unsettling because the color of his or her teeth is a sharp contrast to white or pale pinkish skin. Teeth whitening may help to normalize your appearance and make you feel more comfortable with your disorder.

The Whitening Process Will Destroy Your Teeth Because of the Genetic Differences

Again, the genetic differences you have in your DNA only affect your skin, hair and/or nails. Albinism does not affect your teeth, your dentin, your enamel or even the strength of your teeth. Your gums may be a lot pinker or paler in comparison to someone without albinism, but your teeth should be completely unaffected. (If you have gum disease and a bleeding disorder, however, you may want to be very careful about the execution of this procedure.) Ergo, when you have a teeth whitening procedure, there is nothing to worry about as your teeth will come out whiter and just as healthy as the next person's in the end.

Your Teeth Will Yellow More Quickly after the Procedure

Teeth that appear to yellow more quickly (after the procedure is completed in people with albinism) is actually an optical illusion. Unless you chew a lot of tobacco, chain smoke and drink several cups of coffee, tea and/or cola a day, the yellowing process is the same. Your teeth just look like they are yellowing faster because of the paleness of your skin. It is similar to having nice white teeth, but then putting on a snow-white sweater. The sweater makes the teeth look more yellow by comparison because of the bright white of the sweater. If you are concerned about this optical illusion, ask your dentist about teeth whitening touch-ups, an extra service that lightly restores a little of the whiteness to your teeth in between full teeth whitening procedures.    

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