3 Tips For Choosing Bicycle Shorts That Will Help Prevent Leg Chafing

Even though you might love cycling, one thing that you might not love is the leg chafing that you have to deal with when enjoying your favorite hobby. Wearing leg chafing cream can help, but picking the right pair of bicycle shorts is still critical. If you look for these three things when shopping for bicycle shorts, you can help ensure that you are nice and comfortable when you're riding. Plus, you won't have to worry about the annoying and painful aftercare of skin rashes and raw skin, which can be quite an unpleasant side effect of cycling.

1. Proper Material First of all, you'll want to choose a smooth, silky material, since it will be less likely to chafe. Look for a polyester blend that feels smooth to the touch, and look for shorts that feature minimal threading and seams on the inside. It is worth it to spring for a higher-end pair that is made of a better material; even though it might be more expensive, it will be more comfortable and will hold up longer.

2. Proper Length Ideally, you'll want to choose bicycle shorts that are longer. They should fit almost to the knee; then, instead of worrying about the skin on your thighs rubbing together when you're riding, the material on your shorts will help protect you. Plus, many people prefer the modesty that this provides while they're in the cycling position.

3. Proper Fit Even if you pick the perfect pair of shorts, they will still be uncomfortable and will potentially cause chafing if they don't fit properly. You do not want your shorts to be too tight, since the seams will then rub against you legs in an uncomfortable manner while you're riding. Likewise, you won't want them to be too loose, since this can prevent the material from sticking to and protecting your legs. Consider measuring yourself and using the sizing chart for your favorite manufacturer -- or trying on multiple pairs -- for an optimal fit.

Even though you will still probably want to use a chafing cream or other lubricant while you're riding, following these tips can help you choose a pair of bicycle shorts that will keep you nice and comfortable when you're on your bike. Then, you don't have to worry about the uncomfortable -- and downright painful -- chafing that can occur while you're enjoying your ride. 

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